Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hello again....I finally have a bit of time to download some of these pictures onto our blog. We has such a great time on holidays with Peter's parents, traveling around Scotland is always fun! We stayed about 2 hours south west of Blairmore, on the outskirts of the Cairngorm National Park, which boasts the second tallest peak in the UK. We had a small cabin with beautiful views and a week of no was not always blue skys but atleast it was warm and partially sunny. The above picture was taken near Fort William (close to Ben Nevis) at Inverlochy Castle. It is a ruin, but you could climb around the fortress and see out the second and third story windows...I love going to old buildings, and this one was fun to see. Usually you can not climb around, but this one was open for that..
This is in Glen Coe, probably the prettiest, most amazing scenery that we saw. We had driven down to Fort William, and proceeded further south, to this area. We did not have so much time, but Peter and I climbed for about an hour, and took this photo...You can just see the road that goes through this glen, and it is really stunning. This picture doesnot show half of it. It was so green and majestic. It was like you were just seeing God's hand all over His creation. The peaks we were walking to were called the Three Sisters...Sarah, Leah and Elisabeth!!!
This is Peter and I (just in case you forgot what we looked like!) on Loch Morlich near the Cairn Gorm. We got to do some hiking in these moutains. We pretty much spent all day either reading, playing games or hiking...the only other things we did was eat!
This is a view of the heather, which was in full was so beautiful on the hills especially when the sun is shining....Bonnie Scotland!!!

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love the pictures, you are such great photographers!