Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Baby Shower

What an amazing group of people! The Blairmore Team has gone out of its way to encourage and support both Peter and I during this pregnancy. Erica and Lindsey organized a surprise Baby Shower for me last week. It was amazing to see people from work together with a few ladies from our Bible Study get together and give an America Baby Shower. They do not throw them in the UK, so they had to get the details from my was such a special night.
This is a beautiful blanket that my sister's mother-in-law made for us...Ellie Kinne...It is the sweetest thing!
You can see I was very blessed...even got a Dopey Doll...

So cute, we got these little Tartan booties!!! so funny!

Alysa sent a package which contained EVERYTHING we would need in a diaper bag plus the the most amazing bag as well...I have it packed a ready to go...

In all, this was such a fun evening...I love surprises. I felt so blessed to have all these ladies there for me...God is so good.

Our Christmas Celebration

On Friday, the team here at Blairmore went out for a Christmas lunch before people started to leave for the holidays. It was a fun time of eating, exchanging gifts, and sitting in front of the fire. It was a long day for me as I am getting bigger and bigger, but it was so nice just to relax with the team and not have to do any work!
Here is a good view on my belly. I am 38 weeks today, so even my maternity clothes seem to fit tight now. It is strange to see pictures of myself because I don't feel that big, but I can see a major difference between these pictures and even a few weeks ago...
Peter...what a funny guy...hard to get him to smile nicely! This is our friend Pablo, in his kilt! He was born in Argentina, and lived in a America for 10 years. It was actually very cold this day, but I am now ALWAYS warm...and none of my shoes fit, so I have to wear flip flops!!! not so nice eh? Below are three of the girls who work here, Erica, Jess and Jenny...Nice to show you who we work with!!!