Monday, May 21, 2007

some guests...

I am writing to tell you that Blairmore is full again! We have had about 3 weeks with no guests, due to some courses being canceled, and it is no fun! This place was meant to be full, running retreats. Plus, with only 23 on staff, things can get a bit dull! :} I do enjoy working here, but we are all happy to get to do what this place is made for, and that is to serve the people who come.

On the flip side, Peter and I are getting excited about coming to America for a visit. We will be 'home' for over 2 weeks in late June, early July. I am excited!

There is not much more to say now...but my guess would be that I will write again with more fun news and stories! :}

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crazy Days

Well, it really has been crazy days here in Scotland. About a week after I got back from USA, Peter and myself & Lindsey and Johann went on a 2 day trip to the south of England for some training days. Ellel put on some training for a certain programme they run, and we got to go. It was very encouraging all the way around, but for Peter and I , it was very challenging personally. Outside of the details we learned, we felt God was really bringing up some things for us to think and pray about.
So we are back now; in 5 days, we traveled for 3 days, and were they for just under 2 days. We are tired and just a bit cranky!
These pictures were taken thy day we picked up our 'new' car. This is Fyvie Castle, which is about a half an hour from us. It was a magnificent day, and as you can see below, the trees were blooming and full of bees!
Hope you are all well...Luv and Hugs, Liz