Saturday, October 14, 2006

Paul came to visit!!!

It is always so much fun to have visitors!!! our friend Paul came to see us in September, and we had a few days to show him around. We took him up to Cullun, and had a fun day walking along the beach and cliffs. We also walked to this great castle that was built into the side of a cliff...It is shown on one of these pictures! In this castle, you could walk up and down for 2-3 levels; it was open for the public to explore. At one level, it was quite rough footing, and if you weren't careful you'd fly out the crumbling window!! we were okay though...
The last picture is of a rock near Cullun....what does it remind you of? A whale's tale?!?

We are doing well, looking forward to our trip to America and the Netherlands. In trying to wrap everything up, we are just tired and ready to be gone. In three days I get to see my family!!!! I hope you are all doing well...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Blairmore Tartan

It has been suggested to me that I give a bit of a tour of where we live....So I am starting with the Blairmore Tartan. This tartan was made for and paid for by the Swiss millionaire who owned Blairmore before Ellel. I am sure it was a pretty penny....Anyway, until recently, this was the floor covering in the main hall way and the main staircase. Unfortunately with the amount of traffic we get with all our courses, the tartan wore out and we had to replace it with a nice, but boring green carpet....It is still in place in many rooms in the house, and is my favorite thing about this place... So Scottish! Just wanted to show you the carpet!