Monday, September 11, 2006

More pictures...

This is a cool stone bringe which was only 2-3 miles from our cottage...Peter and I went by ourselves to find it, and that turned out to be a really nice time. There was a small waterfall, and it was just very peaceful.
The picture above and below were taken on a walk we took on the Rothiemurches Estate. It was our best day, weather wise, with blue skies. We got to see all the heather in bloom, and it was a beautiful time. The purple heather with the blue sky and green trees, were quite amazing. On this walk, we got to see loads of RAF fighter planes flying. They go so low to the ground and you feel like you can almost touch them! I did not get any pictures of them...too bad!

The above pictures is from falls in the NorthWest Highlands, where we got to see salmon jumping up stream. It was the first time I have ever seen salmon in nature swiming and jumping about. It was very cool. We sat for about 45 minutes and saw quite a bit of action...we were all very excited!
With all the rain and sunshine, usually at the same time, we got to see alot of rainbows. Everytime I see one, I always think of God's promises...They are so beautiful and are becoming my favorite thing to look for...
Peter's parents, Serry and Joop. This is in Glen Coe, after we had done a bit of walking...we just sat and enjoyed the view...Serry and Joop beat us here and had about 30 minutes waiting for us. They said in that time, countless people would stop, get out and take 2-3 pictures and hop back in the car. It is like they only see Scotland through thier camera. It is a real pity, this was such a magnificent place to just sit and be still. So many miss that in thier hurry to see more.

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