Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Samuel is 1!

A new dump truck and hat!
A Fisher price telephone...just like Mommy had!
Sam loved the frosting...was not so wild about the cake

Kyle helping with the eating....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aunty Sarah and Grandma came to visit!

The cheesiest smile ever...what a faker! Sam has learned to be a bit of a flirt

in Edinburgh with the fam...
At the beach in Cullen...it was so windy that the kids were a bit fussed. But it was beautiful and we had yummy fish and chips--and ice cream!

Em loved the water...until we went in too deep and she nearly fell into the waves!

Watching the Holland/Brazil game in a small pub...one of the highlights of the visit!
my Mom, Sarah and i took a day out just the three of us. We had a lot of fun, and drove all over the northeast and west of Scotland. We got lucky and only ran into a bit of rain...
At Castle Urquhart on Lock Ness

playing in the River Deveron, near to Blairmore

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Papa and the ki

Cuddling when they got home!

Random pics June 2010-my son discovers chocolate!

Samuel discovered the chocolate bar...found one already opened and went to town. Was not pleased when I took it back explaining it was mine in the first place...so funny!

Yep, a fleece coat in June...I love Scotland!