Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adam and Jalene

Our friends Adam and Jalene had to go back to Canada...they left yesterday and we will miss them very much.

Emma and Samuel

Emma is so sweet! She loves to be with Samuel when he is just by himself...and she is normally gentle and soft as well...It is a good thing he is a good sleeper and she loves to go up to him in his bed and yell BABY!!! too funny

Samuel's first bath at home...he did not scream!!!
Jalene and Samuel-we will miss her alot!
Emma loves Samuel's toys...when he is not in this chair, she is!

Samuel's first walk...with help!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Samuel Eugene Brokaar

Here is the little man...we are now getting used to dressing this guy in blue!!! Samuel was born July 7th at 2.15 pm. He was 8 lbs 6 oz and was 51 cm long. He is such a sweet, little boy and we are so excited with his arrival.
Things did not got exactly as we expected. On Monday the 6th of July, we visited the midwives for a scheduled appointment. During the appointment, the midwife was a bit concerned with the position Samuel was in-she suspected he was in breech position, feet down rather than head. She sent us off to the hospital in Elgin to have a scan to see exactly how little Samuel was laying.
As it turned out, Samuel was butt down with his little feet and head up. After trying to get him to change positions to head down (not an experience I want to ever go through again :} ) I was scheduled for a C-section on Tuesday late afternoon.
As I had already felt some contractions, they kept me overnight, and I had a long morning at Dr. Gray's Hospital...until noon when I started to go into labour. It went rather quickly and by 1.30 they were rushing me into the operating room-Peter barely made it in time! He came just as they were give me the spinal-and 15 minutes later out came Samuel!!
Everything since then has gone amazingly...Samuel and I left the hospital Friday afternoon-and the last two nights have gone really well. Samuel is a great eater and sleeper and loves being warm and held-try and change him and you get to hear how loud his voice can be!
Emma is doing well with the changes. It was a relief to come home and spare her the craziness of traveling an hour to the hospital for visits. She has her moments, but is really loving her little brother. Already she brings him his blankets and shares her blocks!
I am sure more pictures will follow...Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.