Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 2013

 Watching and waiting for Papa to bring Tante Karen from teh airport!! It was SO great to have her visit...even for just a few days :}
What strange kids!!  Below Emma is playing cricket...kinda....we still need some help with the rules!

 Emma in the Harvest Festival at Glass Primary...She did really well with her lines and singing the was great that Karen could be there for it!

 Emma lost her second tooth during Karen's stay as well...I made her pull it out when it was just was so gross!
 What a smile!  She was just as excited as with the first one :}   Below are pics from our amazing fall!

Landmark September 2013

 Emma going down the water slide with Johann...It was so great to go with the Hanekom's...Zoe and Ben are near enough in age that they played in the little kids stuff...while Lindsey and I got to chat :}

 Since we didn't have to pay to get it, we let the kids go on the cars once...their favorite part of hte day!

 a great family picture!!  all 9 of us :}
 Emma, Kyle and Johann doing the low ropes course
 Ben's favorite toy...
 Emma and Kyle climbing

Sam hates them, but Ben loves the slides :}

September 2013

 After about 4 months of watching our sunflowers grow from seeds, we were very excited to see them be SO tall...
 Peter is just over 6 feet tall...We even got the heads after then died to feed the bird the dried seeds.
 We have had such amazing weather, both this summer and this fall...we have gotten to play outside so much...
 my three monkeys...

and we said goodbye to our lovely Ford Mondeo...we upgraded to a 7 seater-a Ctitreon Grand Picasso :}

Chicken Pox continued ;}

Sam got his chicken pox exactly 13 days after Emma started....
And Ben got his 13 days after was a long 5 1/2 weeks.   Sam had the most, but Ben itched and fussed the most...and I am SO glad we will never have that again....

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First day of school and chicken pox!!

 Emma and Samuel had a great first day back...Emma in Primary 2 and Samuel in his second year of Nursery.

But Emma got the chicken pox and had ot miss the next week of school!  Samuel has it now, so the adventure continues!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


August is a busy month with fun visitors!  Oma and Opa came in time to enjoy some warm days before school started.
And it was so great to reconnect with our friends Adam and Jalene Buyer from Canada who used to work at Blaimore.  We got to do a few day trips to the Duff House, Fyvie Castle, Banff and was great to see and hear how God is moving in their life, and share our stories as well!

With Opa on the Packhouse Bridge near the Glenlivet Distillery

Thankfully, no one was thrown in the river...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Skye Holiday!

 So there are too many pics-but they are all so beautiful!!

 A black-sand beach 5 minutes from our house...
 walking to Talisker Bay
 Ben did not like the sheep!!!
 digging pits and playing in the water!  another black-sand beach

 climbing on our trip north to Kilt Rock

 views of the cliffs

 Kilt Rock...amazing views and we managed some clear moments!

 going fora  walk along a river

 playing in the water...throwing alot of stones!

 Ben went for a nap and Em and Sam had alot of time to play in this playground...what amazing scenery eh?

 some views from the house we rented!

 Dunvegan Castle
 coral beaches north of dunvegan

 Invaded by a herd of cows!! :}

 digging in the coral...nothing like sand!
 the water was so clear!

 We got to see some seals...

 this is the view towards Niest Point-the westerly most point on Skye

 We got to see 2 seals cool!