Tuesday, November 20, 2007

34 Weeks!

Well we are down to 6 weeks and I can't see my toes anymore!!! We had our 34 week checkup today, and everything is going well....the baby kicked quite a bit when the midwife pushed and poked to check out the baby's position. I now go every 2 weeks, and I guess I need to start packing a bag just in case!!! A friend of mine keeps telling me I need to do that because her little girl came 5 weeks early!!! We shall see...Luv to you all from Scotland

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two big boxes....

About 2 months ago, my family and Peter's family each sent us a massive box full of baby items. Peter's parents sent over alot of cloths from his cousin, and loads of sheets, blankets, diapers, everything you'd need for a crib. My parents sent of a second hand car seat and each of my siblings added their own little gift.
A friend of ours 'stole' these boxes and surprised us one evening when we went around to play games. We did not play any games, but we spent over an hour opening these two boxes. It was so fun, but it also made me miss my family SO much. I am so blessed, though, to have such great friends here who were swilling to sit through an hour of us opening all these gifts. It was great and we laughed so much.
What baby is complete with out some U of I clothing? You can see I am still a big fan of the Bears and the Fighting Illini!!! Go Illinois!
This bib was by far Peter's favorite, it says 'All American Baby.' I can't even tell you how hard we laughed. We got another bib from South Dakota with this catchy slogan 'South Dakota, closer than North Dakota.' Seriously, who sells these things....
We got some really nice, really warm outfits for the baby..which is good, because they are predicting a snowy, cold winter. I can only hope!!!
You can see the massive pile of clothes we received from the Netherlands. It was interesting putting away all the outfits, we have Dutch, American, and British sizes...they are all different!
Some cute little outfits from America....
I couldn't help but show this pic, even though I look like a major dork...this was the other bib...Ski Illinois with a person skiing behind a cow...too funny! Below is another favorite of Peter's. My brother and sister-in-law live near Holland Michigan, and Alysa sent us a pair of wooden shoes with 'Baby Brokaar' written on them, along with some real delft made in China magnets. Again, we laughed so hard!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Week 31, climbing Benn Rinnes

A week or so ago, Peter and I decided to go for a long walk on one of our days off. I am try very hard in my final months of pregnancy to keep walking, so I don't completely fall off the scales. So we decided to climb one of the local hills, Benn Rinnes. It normally takes Peter about 45 minutes to climb up the hill, and I had never been up, so I thought, this should be fun. Well, it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful walk, but we did not get to the top...it is so steep!
The nice part is that the walk is divided into three part, with a flat bit at each part...nice for picture taking. We walked up to the first part, which was not too far, and decided to at least to the second section as well. These pictures were all at that part. It was beautiful, because at that point, you are above most of the other hills, and you get this amazing view of the Grampian Mountains in the distance. Of course the picture don't do it justice!

Here is a better view of my belly at 31 weeks. It is a bit different doing hill walking with such a belly! It was fun, and so beautiful. we took our time and really enjoyed the views.

Lydia's first day of school

Lydia, Allison, and Molly with my brother Joel...on Lyd's first day of school. I can't believe that she is old enough to ride a school bus on her own. I think she really likes it, and you can tell she is ready for it...what cuties!