Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lydia and Alison!!!

Cousins! How fun is it for me to see all four of my nieces and nephews (on my side) to play together!!!!! Lydia and Alie are Joel and Carmens two girls....Lydia is 4 and Alie turned 2 in December. They are a riot. Lydia is so good on the phone; you can talk with her for 20 minutes no problem. She will tell you stories, sing songs, and ask when we are coming to visit!!! She had me in tears the other day...
Alie is full of life (to put it mildly). She is a bit on the cheeky side, and had to spend some time in the naughty chair!!! But really, she is so sweet and cute.

Sometimes, Leah gets mistaken for Alie's mother!!! They both have that bleach blonde hair!

Hannah Eloise Kinne

Here is Hannah! Patrick and Sarah had a little girl on the 21st of June last year...right after Evan! She is so funny...we got to visit them in Syracuse when we were in America last, and it was a very special time to see Sarah's first home and her first child. Hannah is quite loud (no real suprise after Pat and Sarah!!! I love you Sarah!!!) She is quite the talker when I call Sarah. You can see in the picture below that she does have some wierd bathing habits!!! When they were at a camp in Canada, they had to bath Hannah in thier cooler as there was no showers!!! funny eh?!?

Evan Wesley Huizenga

What a smiley child! Aaron and Alysa had a little boy, and he is so sweet. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to see him enough...the bad part about moving away from home. He was one year on June 2nd...and is funny to hear on the phone. He is so quiet, then all of the sudden he will grunt or breath heavy. Aaron tells stories of how mischevious he is...always getting into things he should not be getting into...a true Huizenga! I thought I would share some of my pictures of my nieces and nephew...I can't help bragging, they are cute!

such cute babies!!

These are our neice and nephew from Peter's side. Nathan is 2 and Rebecca is about 3 monthes old. We got to see them alot when we visited the Netherlands a few monthes ago, and we received these in the mail recently. I could not resist showing them to you...what cuties!!! My favorite is the bath...Look at Rebecca smile! She obviously loves her mom....Edwin and Flora (Peter's brother and wife) live in the Ukriane with these two little ones. They work with a mission doing a variety of different projects. Flora helps with street kids, and one of Edwin's tasks is helping in the local hospital. I wish we had had our camera when we went and visited them last year. It was an amazing place. So very different then any place I had ever been to.
I hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The cutest little lamb

Isn't this the cutest little lamb? They are so cute and fluffy when they are born, but so ugly when they grow up! Lambing season is practically done, so we won't see any more little ones. It was a lot of fun, and different for both Peter and I...
This is an arial view of Blairmore, Peter took this from the top of the hill next to our property. The front part is where the guests sleep. Those rooms are very nice, hand painted and beautifully decorated. Toward the back is the newest addition, which would have contained classrooms during the time when this was a boarding school. We use them also for class rooms as well. Next spring, they will add a second level to this to add more bedrooms. We have quite a few courses that are booked to the full, so they are looking to add more space. Below, this is the front of the house. We have had such beautiful weather!!!