Friday, February 06, 2009

My little girl

Two of my favorite recent pics--the top one is after bath, but before the hairbrush--my little orphan Anne eh?? the bottom is why parents should get nervous when their kids are quiet for too long...I found Emma like this after 15 minutes of silence...she has found a mini chocolate bar and managed to get it open...there was not much left, but what a mess!!!

Alot of snow!!

Bath time!!

Emma's hair is so long when it is wet and straight!!!
more goofy faces!!! what a cutie!!

her hair can get so wild after nap time...its like she just rubs her head all over the bed to mess up her hair as much a possible...

my goofy kid

As Emma is getting older we have seen so much of her personality come out...these are just a few funny pics...what a nut (she get that from Peter)

She makes this face now EVRY TIME the camera comes we have to wait until she has to blink, then she makes a normal smile than we have to click fast...she is so funny

more people leaving...

Kylee also left....and unfortunately...Vanessa left without me getting a pic of her and Emma ;{ Too many people leaving!!!

Emma and her curls! After Emma's baths, her curls are out of control....after naps and sleepy time, they calm down and become almost straight!!!

Emma a few weeks ago....

Mathabo left :{ here are some final pics of her and Emma playing peekabo!!!