Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pretty Flowers

Over the next few days, I will post a lot of flower pictures, as our garden is in full bloom. I enjoy walking through on a regular basis to see what new buds are coming out. I have the entire day to do what I want, as Peter is out helping a friend move today. and guess what I have done so far? Mended a pair of Peter's pants!!! oh well...I know he will appreciate it.
I hope you all have a beautiful day!!

A Tour of the Coast

A few weeks ago, Margaret and Trevor took Peter and I to the northern coast of Scotland to see all the small fishing villages. We went to three or four different towns, and walked along the rugged coastline. It was really beautiful. Unfortunatly, it was an overcast day, but we still enjoyed hiking from villiage to villiage. We started at Port Soy, and ended up on Cullun. In Port Soy, the harbour was built 400 years ago, and was one of my favorite places. It is sad to think that these places are being abandoned as fising is made illegal off the coast. These pictures are from different towns that we saw. Each one was different in its own way... We really enjoyed our day....

Friday, May 26, 2006


I had been thinking lately that I have not written much, so I thought I would add two random pictures, and use this as an excuse to write! Of course, I had to add a pictures of a hairy, scottish cow and baby!! These cows get so big!!! The other day I was running, and a fance had been broken down, and 6 cows were loose in the street! They were not this kind, but 'normal' cows...but they were so big!! I was a bit nervous becuase one had a baby, and kept stamping its foot at me!!!
The one below is a potato Peter found from me in the garden...he is so sweet! The only bad thing, is that it quickly turned green and rotten...but we are not thinking that means anything for us!
In general, we are doing very well. Lately we have been very tired, as we have had some late nights and things here are a bit busy. With the new extension in planning, and a lot of courses, everyone seems to be running around on high, with little time just to be. That said, it has also been a great time of seeking God as a team. We had a couple come to join on staff, but it did not work out. Both them and our leadership could see that there was not a fit, and this was not the place for them. But having come from eastern Europe, it was a bit difficult with communication. I think things were handled in the best way possible, but it is not easy.
Peter and I are running again, and enjoying getting to run in this area, as it is really beautiful with the mountians and streams running. Spring is especially pretty if the sun would just stay out! It has been a bit rainly lately...
Well I think this is enough of me chatting...have a great day!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

flowers and sheep....

Just what everyone wants to see!!! flowers and sheep!! Aren't lambs cute.

Friday, May 05, 2006

a few more dutch pictures

We were able to see a few of our good friends during out time in the Netherlands. from L to R: Peter , Liz, Lynn, Pauline, and Jan. It was so good to see these guys...they are truly some of the best friends Peter and I have ever had...very challenging and very loving. Plus, when we were in this cafe, a bird landed on Peter's head. It startled him, and he swatted it right into Jan's was very funny...These two pictures are from a war cememtary near Arnhem. This one was a British cemetary, and it was a very sobering reminder of just how many people gave thier lives. Europe still very much has these reminders of WWII...I found myself reading the names aloud. Most were between 19 and 25.

The picture below is from Zutphen, a small town in the east. It is such a picturesque photo of what a typical dutch town looks like...I like them very much! (note-there is a lot of water!!!)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Katie (Marks) Keyes and I am to tell 6 random things about myself...hmmm this should be interesting....
1. Well the first thing has to do with Isla, the Harris hawk in the picture above. Recently, I 'flew' Isla with a friend of mine here at Ellel. Lindsey owns this bird and is training her for hunting and things like was very cool to have her land on my glove and feed her (that part is a bit gross). She is a beautiful bird!
2. I was born on my due date!!! I am pretty sure that makes me special!
3. The only bone that I have really broken since i can remember is my nose, and I did it sledding when i was 8 or 9...I can still remember my Mom crying 'My baby!!!'
4. I ran on an organized running team (XC and track) for 10 years in a row and that makes way too many seasons, way too many pairs of shoes, and way too many early Saturday mornings for meets.
5. Peter's first thoughts when he met me was 'oh great another America girl.' It was not love at first sight!
6. My dream job is and always has been to work as a grocery store check out person....what is there that is better than that?

Well that is my 6 interesting facts.....feel free to leave a comment with one interesting fact about you!!!

Nathan and Rebecca

From Left to Right: Edwin (Peter's brother), Flora (Edwin's wife), Peter, Liz...Karen Peter's sister is sitting in the front holding Edwin and Flora's new 3 week old girl, Rebecca. Peter is holding Nathan...What cute kids!!! We spent 4 days in a vacation park in the East of the Netherlands and really had so much time to just play with Nathan and visit with the family. It was such a great time and I really enjoyed just being with the Brokaars. My dutch improved, but still could use some help...Here are some more of the kids!

Wedding in the Netherlands

One of the reasons we went to the Netherlands, we to attend the wedding of Reinier and Susanne. Reinier is Peter's cousin and as they are quite close in age, they have been good friends for a long time. Peter was one of the ones who signed their wedding certificate! How exciting...the picture above is (from left to right) Peter, Reinier, Arnoud, Arie and Maarten.
Rosa--Peter's cousin's daughter...she was alot of fun to watch
Reinier and Susanne (Reinier is SO tall, but he is lucky: Susanne is tall too!!!)