Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello Friends

Here is a picture of a castle you see if you go to Aberdeen...I just added it becuase I like it!!!

As many of you know, Peter's parent have been here to visit and we were able to take a week's holiday near Avimore (in the middle of Scotland). Joop and Serry have now returned to the Netherlands, and we are still recovering from our busy trip! Soon very soon, I will show you pictures.
Our time was great...we were able to rest and see alot at the same time. Plus, we got to play games every night!!!! It was so much fun. I also think my dutch took another step in the right day I will get there. I must say, that we have gotten to see two amazing things in the last two weeks. On our trip, we went to some water falls in the NW highlands and got to see Salmon jumping was so cool to see them jump right out of the water...I had never seen that, accept on TV...very cool. The other thing happened yesterday when we, as a team, went to the north coast for fish and chips for one of the team is leavng. We were on the beach, and we got to see dolphins off the was really amazing to see them so clearly and so closely....neat eh?!? well, I hope to write again soon...luv to you all...

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