Thursday, November 04, 2010

more pics...

Emma's boyfriend Kyle (he has already bought her fancy shoes!! :} ). They love to play the wii together...since we won't let him take her on a date, we let them play bowling on the wii!

our fall has been so beautiful

Go Illinois!

our first American hair cut!! so short!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

funny pics

Emma loves to hug Samuel...he does not love it...but at least he can still breath!

Em's doing so well-and she gets new undies from Papa!
sleeping children are so sweet!

Emma's new bed! She loves it...but still calls out for us to get her after nap and in the morning...she won't get out herself!

Team Day at Landmark...

Emma rode these red slides all day! she loved going fast

more random photos of cute kids...

Em fell asleep at the table the other day...I left to collect some laundry and five minutes later she was out!

Emma and one of her favourite, Kerry

Em found my running shoes...both pairs!