Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visiting Brokaars!!!

Emma got to play with her cousins!!
Opa Joop and little miss Emma
Oma, with some new toys for Emma...great chewable books!

Oma Brokaar with Nathan and Rebecca...Nathan is 4 and Rebecca is 2...they were so much fun!
The three cousins!

Nathan and Rebecca were so good with Emma, they would dance for her, and she would just laugh! It was great to watch them!

Emma had a terrible cold, and Om Edwin, rather than give Emma a kiss, took her picture!!! :}

Rebecca with a duck that friend of my Grandpa and Grandma Bossert made...Hugh was his name, if I remember correctly!
Oh no, she is driving already!

I love these overalls....she is such a cutie!!

Some more of Emma

After a bath one night, Peter tried to put on Emma's sleeper...this is how it ended up!!!! So funny!!! We laughed so hard and Emma just kinda stared at us...crazy parents

I love reading to Emma, she helps turn the pages now, but does not always sit still to listen!!! She is so cute!
A pretty new dress! She makes the funniest faces!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First tooth!

Better late than never...Emma has her first tooth and number two is around the corner!!! She has actually done really well, the first was a toughie, but we are doing okay! She looks so much older with a tooth!

more Emma from end of August

Emma's red hair!! it is turning really blonde, but right now it is so amazing. she is so cute...

look at those chunky thighs!! the one and only stage in her life where chunky thighs are cute!

Emma's new best friend!

Emma has a new best friend, Kyle Hanekom...the son of our good friends Lindsey and Johann...He was born this summer, and is growing at a steady rate...2 1/2 pounds in 2-3 weeks! He will soon out weigh Emma, so it is a good thing she got a 6 month head start...It was fun to see how they respond to each other...they are so cute.