Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 13

What a busy time. We are leaving a few days for a visit to America, and work is a bit overwhelming. Trying to get everything done is tiring me out! I am getting excited about the trip, and ready to have a break.
Thank you for the many e-mails. Many of you asked how I was feeling, if I was sick or not. Actually the first months have been very smooth. I had a few weeks of feeling nauseous, but never sick. Usually a piece of toast or cracker in the morning, and the rest of the day is fine. The only thing that really has changed is that I am SO TIRED. I can sleep and sleep and sleep.
It has been very fun lately, because I can see that I am getting my 'bump' as the British call it. I am no longer thin in the waist!
Well if you don't hear from me for a bit, it is because I can't find a computer that works...but I do intend to write more now that we have interesting things happening!
Bless you and Luv to you all!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some BIG news!!!

What else can I say? a picture is worth a thousand words, right... Many of you already know, but for those who don't, Peter and I have a major announcement. At least it is major for us! I am pregnant!!!! Yipee!!!! We are so excited, and can't believe how amazing the last 6 weeks has been. It has been very hard to keep it a secret, and I don't think my family has done very well since half my home town already know! But, Peter and I have decided enough is enough. So we want to share with you our news. YEAH!!!!
I am 13 weeks on Sunday the 25th of June, and in Scotland, they do a scan at 12 weeks, and another one at 20 weeks. So here are the first pictures of Baby Brokaar. The scan (that's what they call it here...ultrasound) was amazing and I could not believe how clear the picture was. From the first moment the instrument touched my belly (which is already bigger!) you could see this tiny figure moving around. Baby was quite active, and the tech said he/she had the hiccups...I have to say, tears just poured down my face. It was the most amazing thing.
After a few minutes, the baby was 'resting' so the tech said 'Let's see if we can get it to move.' Dangerous, as my bladder was about ready to pop, but nevertheless, the tech pushed down quite forcefully, and Baby turned to look straight into the 'camera.' You could see its little fingers, heartbeat, the legs kicking...I can't even tell you how it felt to see my baby.
Up to the point, everything has been a bit unreal...I knew that being a mum is different than being an aunt, but....
This is the pic of Baby looking right at me!!! love at first sight!!!