Friday, May 30, 2008

Emma playing!

It is so fun to get Emma laughing...she smiles so much and kinda starts to shriek!! it is so funny!

my little goldilocks!!

So, she is not quite an All-American Baby, but it is a cute bib...It is funny to see her wear this as I think she has so much of Peter in her, and at the moment, she only has her Dutch passport...but either way, she is so sweet! She is still enjoying her porridge, and it is so fun to see her get excited when we start feeding her...

Some sweet pics

she is so cute...I just can't stop taking pictures of her!!! now i know why my mom and dad had so many pictures of Joel...and Emma is even cuter! hee hee I love my big brother!

Emma's eating!!

Date night...Peter took me to see Romeo and Juliet in Aberdeen on Friday. We went of for dinner, and then on to the was the first time we have left Emma for any real length of was hard, but not too bad. It was so fun and really nice to have some time with Peter. It was also great to see the big smile on Emma's face when we saw her the next morning!

Emma has started eating! We started her on porridge and she loves it! She is such a good eater, and loves chewing on her spoon. It has been so fun, and of course we get to use her fun bibs!!! Peter loves the All American one...

Emma outside!

Emma does like to be outside...she gets that from Peter! We took her on a hike the other day and we watched Peter do some was fun, and Emma enjoyed until she filled her pants!

In the garden, with her new hat! It has been so sunny this spring...unusual for Scotland! We have enjoyed walking in the garden with Emma...

Some older Emma pics!

Emma is sitting up more and more...she can't sit by herself, but she loves to pull herself up...what a cutie!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Emma!

We have had some sun!!! And little Emma has a super cute summer hat. We have a balcony that gets full sun, and it is so nice to sit out there and get some sunshine...I might actually get a tan!

Cutie Emma! She is so funny, one day when she was napping, I checked on her and she had kicked her sheet off, and stuck her toes through the blanket! So funny!!

Preparing to walk around...hands free!

Trip out!

This is the Duff House in Banff...we took Emma on a day out...we have had such brilliant weather, so we went for a picnic and a long walk on the was great fun!
Emma was not too impressed with the house, but did seem to like the trees...and she did enjoy the walk and the drive! Plus at the end, Mommy and Daddy got Ben and Jerry's ice cream on sale! Yummy!!!