Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our room

I am showing this picture to show you our new quilt! I am slow in getting this on, but Alice Allers, from my home church in Kankakee sent Peter and I this beautiful quilt and I wanted to show it to you guys! Over this winter, it has come in handy as it has been cold lately...Thank you so much Alice!

Beautiful Holland

Just a few pictures from our bike ride to Hoek van Holland...what a beautiful day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Swimming is fun....

When we were visiting Peter's family in the Netherlands, we went swimming with Nathan and Rebecca (and Edwin and Flora-but they were not as much fun to play with!). We had a really great time. The kids were so funny in the water! Rebecca stayed in her little chair floating around and really like the jet stream part of the pool! Nathan was fun to watch, both when he came down the slide, and when he was playing by himself in the kiddie pool. Such happy kids!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Rebekah Huizenga

Introducing little Anna, who was born on January 30th to my Brother and his wife, Aaron and Alysa. Everything went really well, and she already takes after her mum a bit...she was a short 19 inches!!! I guess Evan really likes her, for about 3 seconds and then is off to play! Alysa said she was feeling pretty well, which is great! Aaron got to take two weeks off to help and be around. So little Molly and little Anna have very close birthdays..only 3 1/2 week apart!
Isn't Evan sweet? what a smile....I love hearing stories about him!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nathan and Rebecc!!!

During our trip recently to the Netherlands, we were able to spend the entire week with Peter's brother and sister-in-law and thier two kids, Nathan and Rebecca. Nathan is just a few monthes shy of 3 and Rebecca is 9 monthes. We had so much fun playing with them. Both of them laugh all the time, and are great to be with.
While we were there, Rebecca was baptized. She looked so sweet in her dress, and she managed to spend the entire day smiling. Oddly enough, my niece Molly was baptized on the same day. Below you can see that these kids love to just play...and laugh. Peter obviously got on so well, and it was great to see him playing with these kids. We had so much fun, and were able to spend some quality time in the evening with Edwin and Flora, hearing about things in the Ukraine. It was a great trip...more pics to come!

Molly and her cousin Hannah

Well, Molly sure has changed in the last few week! She also has a new cousin, but more on that later....
She looks like such a cutie, and my mom tells me that she loves to sleep when you put her on your stomach and lay down...what a sweetie! I think it has been a bit of a transition with three little ones, but Joel and Carmen are getting into the swing of things.
I think Lydia and Allie really love thier little sister, and I hear they kiss her all the time...

I included this picture of Hannah below becuase it is so sweet. Look how straight her hair is on the top and how curly it is on the back...she is so cute! I lover her little outfit!!!

Hope you guys don't mind the pictures of my neices and nephews!!! they are so sweet!