Friday, September 22, 2006

a cool story

Today was an interesting day where I learned more about the history of this building. The house was built in the 1880's by a buisness man name Alexander Geddes. I was suprised to learn that he had made a lot of money in Chicago in the meat and grain markets. He was very much impacted by the Great Chicago Fire. There is an inscription all about his potential ruin due to the fire, but was saved due to a certain chest. Anyway, during WWII the house was used by the British Forces to house a small regiment that trained locals how to fight in case they were invaded. Today, a gentleman stopped by and asked if he could look around as he had been stationed here during 1942. I asked him a bit about his time here and during the war, and he shared a bit about what he had done and seen. He fought in Sicily, Italy, Northern Africa, and was a POW in Arnham. It was very cool to be able to talk with him, and I told him that I had recently been in the British cemetary in Arnham. He told how when he was stationed here, they got to go to Huntly alot and visit the dance halls. He also mentioned that it was great there were no Yankee's up this way, so that the British soldiers got more attention from the ladies!!! Fun time!

Monday, September 11, 2006

More pictures...

This is a cool stone bringe which was only 2-3 miles from our cottage...Peter and I went by ourselves to find it, and that turned out to be a really nice time. There was a small waterfall, and it was just very peaceful.
The picture above and below were taken on a walk we took on the Rothiemurches Estate. It was our best day, weather wise, with blue skies. We got to see all the heather in bloom, and it was a beautiful time. The purple heather with the blue sky and green trees, were quite amazing. On this walk, we got to see loads of RAF fighter planes flying. They go so low to the ground and you feel like you can almost touch them! I did not get any pictures of them...too bad!

The above pictures is from falls in the NorthWest Highlands, where we got to see salmon jumping up stream. It was the first time I have ever seen salmon in nature swiming and jumping about. It was very cool. We sat for about 45 minutes and saw quite a bit of action...we were all very excited!
With all the rain and sunshine, usually at the same time, we got to see alot of rainbows. Everytime I see one, I always think of God's promises...They are so beautiful and are becoming my favorite thing to look for...
Peter's parents, Serry and Joop. This is in Glen Coe, after we had done a bit of walking...we just sat and enjoyed the view...Serry and Joop beat us here and had about 30 minutes waiting for us. They said in that time, countless people would stop, get out and take 2-3 pictures and hop back in the car. It is like they only see Scotland through thier camera. It is a real pity, this was such a magnificent place to just sit and be still. So many miss that in thier hurry to see more.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hello again....I finally have a bit of time to download some of these pictures onto our blog. We has such a great time on holidays with Peter's parents, traveling around Scotland is always fun! We stayed about 2 hours south west of Blairmore, on the outskirts of the Cairngorm National Park, which boasts the second tallest peak in the UK. We had a small cabin with beautiful views and a week of no was not always blue skys but atleast it was warm and partially sunny. The above picture was taken near Fort William (close to Ben Nevis) at Inverlochy Castle. It is a ruin, but you could climb around the fortress and see out the second and third story windows...I love going to old buildings, and this one was fun to see. Usually you can not climb around, but this one was open for that..
This is in Glen Coe, probably the prettiest, most amazing scenery that we saw. We had driven down to Fort William, and proceeded further south, to this area. We did not have so much time, but Peter and I climbed for about an hour, and took this photo...You can just see the road that goes through this glen, and it is really stunning. This picture doesnot show half of it. It was so green and majestic. It was like you were just seeing God's hand all over His creation. The peaks we were walking to were called the Three Sisters...Sarah, Leah and Elisabeth!!!
This is Peter and I (just in case you forgot what we looked like!) on Loch Morlich near the Cairn Gorm. We got to do some hiking in these moutains. We pretty much spent all day either reading, playing games or hiking...the only other things we did was eat!
This is a view of the heather, which was in full was so beautiful on the hills especially when the sun is shining....Bonnie Scotland!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

our team

Well, this is most of the team that I work with, minus I think 4 people who were sick or not working....It is a fun group and I will tell you all thier names!!!
Left-Right, back row: Russ (America), Johann (S. Africa), Joe (N. Ireland), David (England), Simon (England)
L-R 3rd row: Heather (Canada), Maureen (England), Lindsey (England), Malcolm (England)
L-R 2nd row: Laura (Australia), Carol(Scotland), Anna(England), Helen (Australia), Sarah(Scotland)
Front Row: Liz, Peter, Pablo(Argentina), Kerry(England), Jenny(England)

We are lucky, the team keeps going and we expect two more people to come in the next 2 weeks...God has really brought the people we have prayed for and we are all blessed becuase of it. Seeing these young people come has really encouraged all of us to step up and do what He has called us to do. Peter and I have enjoyed them very very much.
We are sad to lose two people from this group, Sarah and Heather. Both have been here since we have been here and are very fun people...

Thank you to all who have prayed for us...We have definately come through some hard moments and we appreciate you!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello Friends

Here is a picture of a castle you see if you go to Aberdeen...I just added it becuase I like it!!!

As many of you know, Peter's parent have been here to visit and we were able to take a week's holiday near Avimore (in the middle of Scotland). Joop and Serry have now returned to the Netherlands, and we are still recovering from our busy trip! Soon very soon, I will show you pictures.
Our time was great...we were able to rest and see alot at the same time. Plus, we got to play games every night!!!! It was so much fun. I also think my dutch took another step in the right day I will get there. I must say, that we have gotten to see two amazing things in the last two weeks. On our trip, we went to some water falls in the NW highlands and got to see Salmon jumping was so cool to see them jump right out of the water...I had never seen that, accept on TV...very cool. The other thing happened yesterday when we, as a team, went to the north coast for fish and chips for one of the team is leavng. We were on the beach, and we got to see dolphins off the was really amazing to see them so clearly and so closely....neat eh?!? well, I hope to write again soon...luv to you all...