Monday, July 24, 2006

What a week!

Man, what a week!! Lindsey (my office mate), Peter and I left on the 15th for St. Andrews to work at a Chrisitan conferenct called CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nation.) We put up a stand for Ellel, and then helped answer any questions that came up. It was a good week, and many people stopped by to either ask questions or to tell us they had already been and had been so helped by the ministry. It was very encouraging! I even had one lady give us money-totally out of the blue.
For me the best part was getting to play with some kids! This event is really organized for the family, with events for all ages, and plenty of free time for families to get to be together was great! At any moment, we had 2-5 kids hanging about, and that was great... One little girl reminded me of my niece Allie, because she would always come up to me, but then run away yelling 'NO!' so funny.
On most of the days, there was record highs throughout Britian, and we were so hot!!! I have never been that sweaty and dirty, even at camp! There were thousands of tiny bugs and in all, I was SO glad to be back to Blairmore and to be inside ALL DAY!!! The differences between me and Peter were very apparent as he was in his element, being outside!!! Well, I will post pictures later...It is nice to be back and hopefully thing will cool off a little...

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