Sunday, July 02, 2006

A trip to the Beach

This is a castle you can see on the way from Blairmore to Aberdeen, which is about 45 miles. Peter and I stopped to see it, but it is privately owned. It looked like people still lived there! Can you imagine living in a place like this?
For our second anniversary, Peter and I took three days off, and just did not do much. We played tennis, watched a movie, went on a 9 mile walk, and just basically sat around. As it turned out, we actually had a really nice time, and it was good not to try and DO alot. We had been pretty tired from work and the rest time was fun...But it was hard to grasp that we got married 2 years feels so much shorter. The more we thought about it, we realized that our time living in Almere felt like ages ago...time is a funny thing.
Anyway, a few days after our short break, we had to pick up a new staff member from the airport, and as it was our day off, we left eary and went to a beach north of Aberdeen. It turned out to be the most beautiful day, blue sky and lots of sun. We found a sheltered spot on the dunes to eat our lunch and we just laid around, played frisbee, and read. It was beautiful. But you will never guess how cold the water was! I never got in past my was freezing! I was sweating with the sun, and could not even cool off in the water! We are so far north here...
Yeah!! some more beach pictures!

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