Thursday, April 06, 2006


For the Conference, each center had to lead worship for one session. Our staff has just begun to start having worship with guitar or just singing at our morning prayer time. Malcolm, on the piano, had really been the only person playing for the past 3 years. No one else has felt comfortable adding anything to him. However, Kerri (who you can't see here), Sarah (green sweater, singing) and I get together sometimes with Kerri and me playing guitar and Sarah singing. Well, once it was found out, they asked us to start leading worship. Well, Lexy (the other one on guitar) also volunteered to help us out by playing. She can fingerpick amazingly! Well, as we were practicing for this, it was really a disaster. None of us have ever played with anyone else, and Malcolm is so used to playing by himself that we ALL struggled to follow each other. What misery, knowing that we would have to get up if front of 350 people to lead worship. Well, what else can you do, but pray. I was reminded of the verse "Make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord." That was we just gave it to Him. Well, it turned out better than anything we could have hoped for....God really does use the little things in life to show us He is big...Praise God!

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Miss E Smith said...

Hey lizzie. wow, just looked at the photo and was like " oh my gosh thats Liz". Your totally famous now. May i also say you look really good. I didnt know you led worship at Peirrepont. Who would of thought i would be friends wit someone so cool.