Thursday, April 06, 2006

no jacket!!!

The entire time we were at Pierrepont, I did not have to wear a jacket at all! Ahhh, I love spring... After the cold snowy winter here in Scotland, to be able to walk around in just a jumper was great! Plus that meant I did not have to worry about losing my jacket. It was fun to see as we drove south, the change in nature. Flowers that are just sprouting at Blairmore were flowering in Frensham. There were lambs and calves and all sorts of baby rabbits to be seen running around. As we drove north again, we saw it all dissapear as we hit a big snow storm. It was a bit despressing! So now we are back, and it is SO cold again. Peter went out this morning for a long bike ride and to do some climbing, and 30 minutes after he left it started sleet/snowying...I hope he does not freeze!!
The yellow flower was taken at Pierrepont, along with the cross, but (hee-yaw) the purple one was taken here at Blairmore. I hope it survives the cold!
We are getting into the swing of things here. But we leave again in a week to visit Peter's family in The Netherlands. I am so excited about seeing our new little niece, Rebecca. We will share pictures soon. Love to you all....

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