Sunday, April 30, 2006

Passover Seder

On the Thursday before Easter, two of our co-workers hosted a Passover Sedar. Basically that is a celebration of the traditional Passover. We went through what Orthodox Jews would do, adding the messianic aspect. It was really incredibly eye opening to see how much of the celebration point exactly to Jesus. AMAZING. I felt that Easter was given a whole new meaning. It was a really great.

This is Heather, from Calgary. She has become one of our closer friends. She is alot of fun and kept us fed over Christmas...She loves to cook!
This was our table setting...proper silverware and crystal glasses on linen table clothes...we were pretending to be guests!!! Below was one part of the celebration that really struck me. The item is called ??? and is one piece of linen made with three different pockets. At the beginning of the celebration, three different pieces of unleavened bread (in this case, Matzah) are placed in the three pockets. During the feast, the middle piece is taken out, broken, half is replaced into its pocket, and the other half is wraped in a different piece of linen and hidden called the afikonen. Near the end of the meal, the children are then told to seek and find the hidden piece of bread. When it is found, there is great joy and everyone takes a piece of the afikonen...Could it be any clearer? Three pockets? one piece of linen? middle bit broken and found? JESUS!!! TRINITY!!! was so powerful...I hope I explained it so you can get the picture...


Anonymous said...

wow, how pretty!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty wedding and Easter pics. :-)