Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Emma Adriaantje Brokaar

Well, here are some more pictures of Emma from the hospital time. She is so sweet and already changing...I hope that means she might figure out the sleep is for night! Actually she is very good, and does sleep for longs stretches at a time...we are glad for those moments to sleep as well. The above pictures is her on the final day in the hospital, Daddy Peter bought her first pink item, her friend the is very very sweet to see Peter so excited for his daughter.
Our first family photo! This was taken on Januray 3rd...the evening Emma was born.

This is the best picture to see her hair, which already seems to be a bit changes. At the hospital, it looked strawberry blondish, but now it is looking more and more just blonde. We shall see!
I hope to add more pictures soon, but as some might guess, we are a bit busy here at the moment. We did have our first ride in our stroller yesterday, and Emma already lost her umbilical cord, which is nice not to have to worry about that! Thank you to every one for your e-mails and encouragement...we think she is pretty special and look forward to showing her to you all soon.
Luv to you from Peter, Liz, and Emma


micah said...

hay que linda! what a beautiful little one. i am sooo excited for you two. congratulations liz and peter. with joy from texas, micah

Anonymous said...

Liz & Peter ~ Congratulations! Lil' Emma is adorable! I was so thrilled when Leah sent on the news. Enjoy these precious first days (& nights!).
Tina Riley

Anonymous said...

Peter & Liz,

Congratulations With daughter Emma!
We wish you a beautiful time.

All the best,

Hans & Patrice Brokaar

P.s we're excpecting a baby at the end of June :)