Saturday, August 18, 2007


Ahh, when we were in America, one of the best parts of visiting home was seeing my neices and nephew. They change so much when we are away, and to have mre that 2 weeks with them was great. Peter and I got to spend some time with the two babies, Molly and Anna. It was the first time Peter got to see them both. We had such a great time with the family, swimming and playing with the kids. The time went so quickly, and before we knew it, we were back in the UK...But our time was very restful, and we were happy to have not only had the time with the family, but just together, being away from our 'normal' life in Scotland. God used the time for both of us, and we are now trying to make sure we put to practice all those things.
So, below are some pictures from our time in America, mainly the kids...they are much cuter than the rest of my family!!!!

Hannah would have spent every minute in the pool, if her parents would have let her, even on the colder days. She was so much fun to watch.

Carmen and her girls,
Lydia, Molly, and Allison

My parents of course are thrilled with all the new babies...Here are Joel's Molly and Aaron's Anna... Sarah, Leah, and I will add more.

While we were home, there was a Huizenga reunion with my Dad's side of the family. It was held in a was fun to watch the kids play...Evan liked the cars alot!

Lydia and Allie were so funny on these cars, making up stories and things....they entertain us so much!

It was great to talk with Leah and Sarah about all the fun parts of pregnancy. It is quite special to have all three of us pregnant at the same time.

Lydia and Molly...making faces!These three were so funny...Hannah just watch the two babies stare at each other...
nd the kids.
Allie was so cute on these tricycles...she is just so sweet and cute all the time...

It was fun to watch the four older kids play together, doing puzzles and what not. Evan and Hannah are not exactly able to play so well together, but the older two definatly liked playing with them!

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gitte said...

wow, all those blondies... in some of the kids, i really see a second liz or second of your sisters! you all look so much alike! it will be fun to see whom your offspring comes after... great pics!