Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nathan and Rebecc!!!

During our trip recently to the Netherlands, we were able to spend the entire week with Peter's brother and sister-in-law and thier two kids, Nathan and Rebecca. Nathan is just a few monthes shy of 3 and Rebecca is 9 monthes. We had so much fun playing with them. Both of them laugh all the time, and are great to be with.
While we were there, Rebecca was baptized. She looked so sweet in her dress, and she managed to spend the entire day smiling. Oddly enough, my niece Molly was baptized on the same day. Below you can see that these kids love to just play...and laugh. Peter obviously got on so well, and it was great to see him playing with these kids. We had so much fun, and were able to spend some quality time in the evening with Edwin and Flora, hearing about things in the Ukraine. It was a great trip...more pics to come!

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