Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Molly and her cousin Hannah

Well, Molly sure has changed in the last few week! She also has a new cousin, but more on that later....
She looks like such a cutie, and my mom tells me that she loves to sleep when you put her on your stomach and lay down...what a sweetie! I think it has been a bit of a transition with three little ones, but Joel and Carmen are getting into the swing of things.
I think Lydia and Allie really love thier little sister, and I hear they kiss her all the time...

I included this picture of Hannah below becuase it is so sweet. Look how straight her hair is on the top and how curly it is on the back...she is so cute! I lover her little outfit!!!

Hope you guys don't mind the pictures of my neices and nephews!!! they are so sweet!

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