Friday, November 17, 2006

Huizenga Grandchildren!!!

The four little munchkins!!!
Notice the fun dutch shoes for the wee ones!!! Unfortunately Hannah's did not fit so well, but Evan's fit and he walked around in them!
We got Lydia laughing and she could not stop! It was so funny....

This is Evan, the son of Aaron and Alysa....He is so much fun...he just putz around and plays all day without fail. I wish I would have had more time to spend with him, but as A and A stayed at Joel's we did not get to see him too much...I tried to make him sit on my lap, but he was not always willing.
My brother Joel's two girls, Lydia in pink and Allison in blue. Well, my brother Joel is a VB coach and I am trying to get his girls to do XC instead of I am staring early with the brainwashing...

This is Hannah, my sister's Sarah littel girl...the last night we were in Kankakee, Leah, Sarah, my parents, and a few others where just crowded around this bed and she just entertained us all! It was great...She is sometimes quite serious when she is not familar, but this night she was all smiles...what a cutie! Below, Allie is so sweet...she can be a bit challenging, but when she is sweet, especially after nap time, she is the cutest!!!

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