Sunday, June 18, 2006

such cute babies!!

These are our neice and nephew from Peter's side. Nathan is 2 and Rebecca is about 3 monthes old. We got to see them alot when we visited the Netherlands a few monthes ago, and we received these in the mail recently. I could not resist showing them to you...what cuties!!! My favorite is the bath...Look at Rebecca smile! She obviously loves her mom....Edwin and Flora (Peter's brother and wife) live in the Ukriane with these two little ones. They work with a mission doing a variety of different projects. Flora helps with street kids, and one of Edwin's tasks is helping in the local hospital. I wish we had had our camera when we went and visited them last year. It was an amazing place. So very different then any place I had ever been to.
I hope you enjoy!!!

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very nice fab