Friday, June 16, 2006

The cutest little lamb

Isn't this the cutest little lamb? They are so cute and fluffy when they are born, but so ugly when they grow up! Lambing season is practically done, so we won't see any more little ones. It was a lot of fun, and different for both Peter and I...
This is an arial view of Blairmore, Peter took this from the top of the hill next to our property. The front part is where the guests sleep. Those rooms are very nice, hand painted and beautifully decorated. Toward the back is the newest addition, which would have contained classrooms during the time when this was a boarding school. We use them also for class rooms as well. Next spring, they will add a second level to this to add more bedrooms. We have quite a few courses that are booked to the full, so they are looking to add more space. Below, this is the front of the house. We have had such beautiful weather!!!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE lambs. Grace has a 'pet' stuffed lamb that she just loves! So much so, that the stuffing is now coming out of it's back! HA!

Have a great weekend! Love you.