Friday, May 26, 2006


I had been thinking lately that I have not written much, so I thought I would add two random pictures, and use this as an excuse to write! Of course, I had to add a pictures of a hairy, scottish cow and baby!! These cows get so big!!! The other day I was running, and a fance had been broken down, and 6 cows were loose in the street! They were not this kind, but 'normal' cows...but they were so big!! I was a bit nervous becuase one had a baby, and kept stamping its foot at me!!!
The one below is a potato Peter found from me in the garden...he is so sweet! The only bad thing, is that it quickly turned green and rotten...but we are not thinking that means anything for us!
In general, we are doing very well. Lately we have been very tired, as we have had some late nights and things here are a bit busy. With the new extension in planning, and a lot of courses, everyone seems to be running around on high, with little time just to be. That said, it has also been a great time of seeking God as a team. We had a couple come to join on staff, but it did not work out. Both them and our leadership could see that there was not a fit, and this was not the place for them. But having come from eastern Europe, it was a bit difficult with communication. I think things were handled in the best way possible, but it is not easy.
Peter and I are running again, and enjoying getting to run in this area, as it is really beautiful with the mountians and streams running. Spring is especially pretty if the sun would just stay out! It has been a bit rainly lately...
Well I think this is enough of me chatting...have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the potato, ha!
The cow looks interesting, maybe a little scary if outside the fences!

I'm glad you're doing good! I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared to!
Have a great weekend. The weather here is supposed to be nice, maybe it will be there too! I am tired of rain too!

Peter and Liz said...

The cows are so big!!! Peter thought the potatoe was romantic...isn't he sweet?!