Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Katie (Marks) Keyes and I am to tell 6 random things about myself...hmmm this should be interesting....
1. Well the first thing has to do with Isla, the Harris hawk in the picture above. Recently, I 'flew' Isla with a friend of mine here at Ellel. Lindsey owns this bird and is training her for hunting and things like that...it was very cool to have her land on my glove and feed her (that part is a bit gross). She is a beautiful bird!
2. I was born on my due date!!! I am pretty sure that makes me special!
3. The only bone that I have really broken since i can remember is my nose, and I did it sledding when i was 8 or 9...I can still remember my Mom crying 'My baby!!!'
4. I ran on an organized running team (XC and track) for 10 years in a row and that makes way too many seasons, way too many pairs of shoes, and way too many early Saturday mornings for meets.
5. Peter's first thoughts when he met me was 'oh great another America girl.' It was not love at first sight!
6. My dream job is and always has been to work as a grocery store check out person....what is there that is better than that?

Well that is my 6 interesting facts.....feel free to leave a comment with one interesting fact about you!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny. A grocery check-out person! :-) I can just see it now. I'm going to send you an apron!
Thanks for playing!