Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring is in the air finally

There is a bird feeder near one of the cottages. Since most of the snow has melted this week, there are more and more birds around. Peter and I stood for only 3-4 minutes watching and saw at least 10 birds. These were so colorful and pretty against the grey, dreary backdrop.
Peter took this one near the big garden. The plants are starting to bud and you can see more and more flowers popping up through the ground. The garden is really big, and produces alot of the veggies and fruits that we serve here to guests. Margaret, from Ireland, is a great cook and makes all her own jams and things. We eat very well...

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Dear Abby said...

You eat very well . . . why am I not surprised? :) How are things--a little less stressful? So good chatting with you. Was going to give you a quick call this a.m. but ended up falling back asleep again, instead. :) Oops!

I'm going to Africa over C-mas break next year . . . Uganda. An orpahanage for kids with AIDS. [sigh] Break my heart right now . . .

Wanna send me some money? ;) JUST KIDDING! Josh can support us both!

"We learn what we have said from those who listen to our speaking." ~Kenneth Patton