Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Skye Holiday!

 So there are too many pics-but they are all so beautiful!!

 A black-sand beach 5 minutes from our house...
 walking to Talisker Bay
 Ben did not like the sheep!!!
 digging pits and playing in the water!  another black-sand beach

 climbing on our trip north to Kilt Rock

 views of the cliffs

 Kilt Rock...amazing views and we managed some clear moments!

 going fora  walk along a river

 playing in the water...throwing alot of stones!

 Ben went for a nap and Em and Sam had alot of time to play in this playground...what amazing scenery eh?

 some views from the house we rented!

 Dunvegan Castle
 coral beaches north of dunvegan

 Invaded by a herd of cows!! :}

 digging in the coral...nothing like sand!
 the water was so clear!

 We got to see some seals...

 this is the view towards Niest Point-the westerly most point on Skye

 We got to see 2 seals cool!

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