Wednesday, July 31, 2013

March/April trip to Holland!

Playing lots of games with Oma

Om Edwin with Ben--it was so great to finally show Ben off to the Dutch relatives...this was our first trip to Holland in 2 years!
Deborah, Opa and Samuel
Rebecca and Samuel...Samuel LOVES to be read to....and he loved having his cousins read to him.  This was the first time Samuel has really spoken was great to see him talk with Peter. 
We missed Tante Karen :{  but we did enjoy the chocolate fountain again...I think the kids liked it even more than me...

Nathan, Emma, Oma, Deborah and Rebecca getting all they can :}
The six cousins: Samuel, Rebecca, Benjamin, Nathan, Emma and Deborah
Oldest and youngest
not brothers...cousins!  you can see they are both BROKAARs for sure!

at the petting zoo!
Samuel did not appreciate the smell...
...he is his mother's child for sure!  we have to work on his love of animals!
We got to see our friend Lynn and her two cuties: Liore and Manou
Oma and Opa Brokaar with the wee ones
Emma got to do a sleep over at Om Edwin and Tante Flora's--so she got to go with Rebecca and Nathan to their church choir practice...she loved it!
in the morning with Rebecca!
The 2 Emma Brokaars-one of Peter's cousins also has a daughter named Emma-born about 3 months after our Emma...they got on well and it was fun to see them play together!

Samuel obviously fits in as a Brokaar!

Emma was so happy to be with her cousins and have some was great to watch them

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