Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Party Dress

This is just a funny pic of Emma in her car seat...she always falls asleep in the car and hates her hat with a passion...this is why! I can never get her hats to stay up on her head, they always fall in her face and cover her eyes...on this trip, she did not mind so much.
This is Emma's party dress...she is so cute in it! This is actually her only pink dress, and she is almost grown out of it! I just love the matching tights...
Well, we started using cloth diapers...It has been a very interesting time, but I think we have the hang of it. We use disposables at night, since she is sleeping through the night and we did not want to have to get up because of a soggy cloth diaper. Funny thing though, when I washed the first batch, I accidentally left a blue sock in the washer, and so now alot of her diapers are blue!!! too bad it was not a red sock!!!

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