Thursday, November 01, 2007

Week 31, climbing Benn Rinnes

A week or so ago, Peter and I decided to go for a long walk on one of our days off. I am try very hard in my final months of pregnancy to keep walking, so I don't completely fall off the scales. So we decided to climb one of the local hills, Benn Rinnes. It normally takes Peter about 45 minutes to climb up the hill, and I had never been up, so I thought, this should be fun. Well, it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful walk, but we did not get to the is so steep!
The nice part is that the walk is divided into three part, with a flat bit at each part...nice for picture taking. We walked up to the first part, which was not too far, and decided to at least to the second section as well. These pictures were all at that part. It was beautiful, because at that point, you are above most of the other hills, and you get this amazing view of the Grampian Mountains in the distance. Of course the picture don't do it justice!

Here is a better view of my belly at 31 weeks. It is a bit different doing hill walking with such a belly! It was fun, and so beautiful. we took our time and really enjoyed the views.


Leah Meskis said...

Liz- You are so cute pregnant. I started to cry - I wish I could see you with your belly!! I'm so excited for next month to come.

Anonymous said...

E'beth- for some reason you reminded me of Leah, maybe its the long sleeve t-shirt! But you do look cute and I wish we could see you HUGE!