Sunday, September 30, 2007

our car

I am sure some of you have heard stories about the car we owned when we lived in the Netherlands. It was a 1986, mostly white (one gray door) Suzuki Alto which had Bugs Life Movie stickers all over the windows. Well, that car lasted 9 months, and unfortunately, we have no pictures of it! sad...
Well, when we came to Blairmore, we had no car, so we used the team car. This was fine, but got a bit difficult since we shared it with 6-7 others. So when a friend of ours offered us her old car for free, we jumped at the chance to have our own car. So, here is our little car-a Ford Fiesta! This one is completely white and runs it has heat, which our other car did not have!
I realize this is not very exciting, but hey...oh well!


Anonymous said...

It is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter en Liz,

Via de Hyves pagina van Edwin kwam ik terecht op deze blog. Echt leuk om wat te lezen over jullie leven. En zwanger... geweldig! Veel geluk.

Liefs Ramonda